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Su Shi Poems - Su Shi Famous Poems from. Su Shi, also known as Su Dongpo formerly Su Tung-p’o, lived from 1036 to 1101, through the turbulent years of the northern Sung dynasty. Hugely gifted, he excelled at calligraphy and painting, as well as prose and poetry. When it came to government policy, he. 25/01/2013 · Su Shi, also known as Su Dong Po, has since become renowned for his warm, detail-oriented poetry that has inspired people through the ages. Su lived a turbulent life from 1037 to 1101 AD.

Responding to Ziyou’s Poem: Remembering Mianchi Su Shi Song Dynasty Tr. E.C. Chang What is this drifting life like? Do you know? It is like a wild goose treading on the snow. Its tracks are left on the soil without knowing why. And the wild goose does not care where to fly? A new memorial pagoda for the old monk rises above his burial place. The poems we once wrote on the ruined wall are. by Su Shi. 水光瀲灩晴方好,山色空蒙雨亦奇。. All poems are shown free of charge for educational purposes only in accordance with fair use guidelines. If we have inadvertently included a copyrighted poem that the copyright holder does not wish to be displayed, we will take the poem down within 48 hours upon notification by the owner or the owner's legal representative please. Wood and Rock is inscribed with the poetry of Su Shi’s friend Mi Fu 1051-1107, which was probably added at a later date. Like Su Shi, Mi Fu was a celebrated poet, calligrapher, painter and statesman. For Su Shi, expressing affinity through the giving and exchanging of painting and verse in the form of calligraphy was a means of building. Su Shi once wrote a poem criticizing Wang Anshi’s reforms, especially the government monopoly imposed on the salt industry. The dominance of the reformist faction at court allowed the New Policy Group the ability to have Su Shi exiled for political crimes. The claim was that Su was criticizing the emperor, when in fact Su Shi’s poetry was aimed at criticizing Wang’s reforms. It should be.

For example, dramas based on stories revolving around Su Shi and Red Cliff were produced in great numbers during the following Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. Countless calligraphers also repeatedly transcribed Su's two rhapsodies on Red Cliff, which likewise became popular among painters wishing to illustrate and celebrate Su Shi and Red Cliff. Su Tung-Po 1037–1101 was a Chinese poet, writer, artist, and statesman during China’s Song era. Born to a family of literati in the present-day Sichuan province, he is also known as Po Su Shi, Su Shih, and Su Dongpo. He published under the pseudonym Dongpo Jushi.Su Tung-Po spent most of his life employed in various governmental positions. Here I compiled a number of well-known love poems from China’s long literary history, though some of them were written by unknown author, all these poems remain alive and on people s lips since they were written. 1. Song of River City 《江城子•记梦》by Su Shi Song Dynasty. Su Shi 苏轼; 8 January 1037 – 24 August 1101, also known as Su Dongpo, was a Chinese writer, poet, painter, calligrapher, pharmacologist, gastronome, and a statesman of the Song dynasty. This article on an author is a stub.

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